The Beginning Of It All: The Box Lunch

It all started with a simple concept: offer a delicious lunch that is a meal with quality ingredients and presented with simple elegance. We offer a selection of hearty, wholesome sandwiches to delight your palate, along with seasonal fruit, Terra™ Vegetable Chips, and a Catering Out The Box dessert. Our lunch is conveniently packaged in our specifically-designed box to complete your dining experience.

High Quality, Not High Cost

Yes, you can have delicious, high-quality, fresh and healthy food that satisfies your appetite. Catering Out The Box offers a sensually delightful dining experience, professional service that is always friendly, and competitive pricing that will leave your wallet as full as your belly.

Catering Out The Box is revolutionizing the dining experience. Let us demonstrate what we can do for you.

Experience and Enthusiasm

Led by Anthony Waller and his 20 years of experience in the food service industry, our experienced crew of caterers share a true zest for culinary creativity. Put our experience, craftsmanship, and professionalism to the test and experience the best in Chicago catering.

When I founded my company in 2003, my vision was clear: produce great quality food at even more affordable prices for the masses. Our vision is expanding more so to provide better service to our clients.

As a full-service catering business, we have enlarged our services to accommodate Corporate Events, Buffets, Weddings, and other large-scale venues. Our menu is diversifying with seasonal specials, while still featuring our Specialty Box Lunches, breakfast and dinner menus. Please email me at or call 312-226-2601 so that we can cater your next event with Catering Out The Box.

Catering Out The Box is thinking outside the box to better serve you for all your catering needs.

About Anthony

Anthony Waller always had a love affair with food. His childhood memories are filled with him constantly in the kitchen, baking cookies, cakes, and pies for his family. As entrepreneur of Catering Out The Box, he answered his calling in the culinary arts with his outstanding talent.

Anthony’s first experience working in the food industry was as a bus boy at the Chicago downtown Hyatt hotel restaurant while attending Luther South High School. After graduation, he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which primed him to work in sales industry in Chicago. A natural salesman, Anthony found himself employed as a sales accountant at U.S. Foodservice, a major foodservice distributor. While learning the trade of sales in the food industry, Anthony rose in the ranks from entry-level sales to District Manager, to Vice President of Sales in the corporate branch. Because of his recognized accomplishments, he was recruited by the Sara Lee Corporation to increase product distribution. He continued to observe his clients operating in their companies and recognized a potential niche for himself to create.

Anthony Waller decided to parlay his sales and cooking experience into a lunch box catering service, naming his company Catering Out The Box. He started with a simple concept: offer a lunch with quality ingredients, simple elegant presentation, and at a better value in price. Anthony involved himself to every detail, including designing the lunch box it is packaged in to specifics. In a short time, Catering Out The Box evolved with customers requests, launching the business into an established full-service catering business for a variety of dining venues and events.

To sit and talk with Anthony Waller, it becomes evident how he became a successful entrepreneur. He envisioned a quality product, and being an artistic perfectionist, the quality of food always equals its presentation without exception. Through ambitious drive, as well as his charismatic, non-nonsense approach, Anthony explains the notion behind the company’s moniker. Anthony Waller approaches challenges by trying to think and create an “out of the box” experience and will invest the extensive hours and the multiple responsibilities for the end result he desires.