Your Good Luck Dish Guide for Your New Year's Party


All around the world, New Year’s is a day of tradition and time to break bread with loved ones. Different cultures celebrate in their own unique ways, but across all cultures, eating remains an important way to celebrate on New Year’s Day, and eating certain foods is known to bring good luck in the upcoming year. Below we’ve included some good luck staples with a fun twist making them perfect for your New Years’ menu.

Cold soba noodles with green mustard pesto and black-eyed peas
Long buckwheat noodles in many Asian countries are known to increase longevity - the only catch is that you can’t break them until they’re entirely in your mouth. In the African-American culture, black-eyed peas are said to give you an extra boost of luck in the new year and greens represent wealth. Slurpy cold soba noodles can not only increase longevity but when enjoyed with mustard-green pesto and black-eyed peas, can also potentially ensure prosperity and wealth. We can’t think of a better way to start the new year.

Candied pomegranate pork jowl and lentil waffles
Filipino culture celebrates the new year by eating fruits. While pomegranate seeds symbolize fertility, pork and lentils are signs of prosperity. Having a pork jowl with some pomegranate and lentil waffles is a perfect New Year’s Day brunch that can bring success and wealth for the next 365 days.

Grape upside-down cake
Cakes are an excellent addition to any celebration. Many cultures have specific New Year’s cakes prepared with unique ingredients. Most cultures love to add in grapes for eating, especially at midnight since it marks the beginning of the new year ahead. Make your New Year’s dessert lucky by baking a coin or a trinket in the cake and icing it with grapes. The person who finds the coin is supposed to have an extra special year ahead of him/her.

Foods and ingredients can speak volumes about different cultures. Whether it’s a New Year’s Eve meal or a New Year’s Day brunch, in addition to tasting amazing, these foods bring prosperity and good luck to you and your family.