Your Go-To Guide for Holiday Cocktails and Mocktails


No office holiday party is complete without fun beverages for the team. Whether your employees are engaging in alcoholic drinks or they’re looking for a delicious mocktail to round out the evening, here’s how you can upgrade your drink offerings for the holidays.

Highlight Christmas Flavors
Sure, flavors like peppermint, cinnamon and cranberry are delicious any time of year, but there’s something about the holidays that makes them extra special. Make sure to offer up traditional drinks, but also highlight a few cocktails and mocktails featuring these holiday flavors. Also be sure to include a holiday favorite like spiked and unspiked eggnog or apple cider.

Put a Twist on Classic Beverages
There are a few drinks that we don’t necessarily associate with Christmas, like mimosas, margaritas and martinis. A great way to pay homage to these crowd favorites as well as add a little holiday flare is to try amping up the presentation or use traditional holiday treats as your inspiration. For instance, try making Christmosas with cranberry juice in place of orange juice or try out a sugar cookie martini that’s rimmed with sprinkles. For your team members that are abstaining from alcohol, opt for something delicious like a cranberry fizz or a Christmas punch.

Drink Responsibly
When alcohol and the professional world mix, it can leave room for more company liability. Make it clear to your employees that inappropriate, drunken behavior will not be tolerated as well as put parameters around how many drinks each person can have. By implementing a drink ticket system, you can greatly reduce the number of alcoholic beverages your team is consuming, making it that much more important that you have a variety of delicious mocktails on hand.

Sprucing up your office holiday party is easy with some killer recipes and some thoughtful planning. If you’re unsure of where to begin with cocktails and mocktails, get in touch, and someone from Catering Out The Box can work with you on the perfect menu.