Puff pastry

Petite Fig& Caramelized Onion Puff

A melodious marriage of figs soaked in sherry accompanied by savory caramelized onions, combined with a delicate mixture of goat and cream cheese nestled in buttery puff pastry then dramatically finished with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Andouille Sausage En Croute

Andouille Sausage and spicy pommery mustard wrapped in puff pastry for a truly unique flavor. (1.0 oz. each)

Franks in a Blanket

Miniature beef frankfurters wrapped in a blanket of puff pastry. (.50 oz. each)

Brie En Croute

Rich and flavorful Brie cheese is wrapped in a light and flaky puff pastry. (1.0 oz. each)

Brie En Croute w/ Raspberry

Brie cheese blended with raspberry preserves wrapped in a flaky puff pastry. (1.1 oz. each)

Mini Reuben

Traditional New York flavor! A perfect blend of lean corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese layered in a flaky rye pastry puff. (1.1 oz. each)

Petite Gorgonzola & Cranberry Puff

Rich gorgonzola cheese, crushed walnuts and the sweet pungent flavors of cranberries surrounded by a mouth-watering puff pastry shell, accented with a goat cheese rosette and topped off with a ruby red cranberry.

Mini Beef Wellington

A savory piece of beef tenderloin accented with mushroom duxelle wrapped in a French-style puff pastry. (1.1 oz. each)

Portobello Puff

Grilled Portobello mushrooms with fresh Roma tomatoes, roasted red pepper, Monterey Jack and goat cheese in a light flaky pastry. (1.6 oz. each)

Chicken Dijon in Pastry

Tangy dijon mustard is blended with chicken, cream cheese and garlic inside flaky puff pastry dough. (1.1 oz. each)

Mini Chicken Wellington

A delicate marriage of tender chicken breast and mushroom duxelle wrapped in a French-style pastry. (1.2 oz. each)